OKFŐ - Recognition under general system
A Horánszky utca 24. szám alatt (alap- és működési nyilvántartási, elismerési hatósági ügyek) a személyes ügyfélfogadás átmenetileg szünetel.

Recognition under general system

The recognition is subject to the completion of certain conditions if needed, such as undertaking adaptation period or passing an aptitude test. The Applicant has the right to choose between these options.

Requirements of the procedure
Diploma earned by a national of a Member State. 2
Diploma obtained in a Member State.
The denomination of the qualification does not allow the conduct of an automatic recognition procedure.

You need to attach the following documents to the application:
Application form filled out by the Applicant
Simple photocopies of documents certifying the citizenship, identity and address
Certified copy and Certified Hungarian translation of the original diploma (or exceptionally the certified copy of a document identical to the original one
Certified copy and certified Hungarian translation of a detailed curriculum, attesting the length of the training and the successful completion of the required training requirements (e.g. studied subjects, hours or credits, thesis, final exam, etc.)
If the applicant has any prior professional experience, he could enclose the documents confirming this period
Receipt of bank transfer or the postal cheque about the payment of the fee of the procedure

Conditions of recognition

The recognition is subject to the completion of certain conditions if needed, such as undertaking adaptation period or passing an aptitude test considering the training completed by the applicant and the acquired professional experience. The applicant must make a statement about the chosen option.

Adaptation period is the pursuance of a regulated profession in Hungary, under the supervision of a qualified expert of the given profession. The applicant shall undertake the adaptation period in a healthcare institution (hereinafter referred to as ’training institution’) entitled to conduct practical training.  The list of training institutions can be found at this link.
After the receipt of the decision about the adaptation period, the training institution must inform the Center about the location and starting date of the adaptation period.

In case of choosing an aptitude test by the applicant, the Center shall designate the institution responsible for arranging the exam. The examining institution shall notify the applicant about the date, location and examination subjects at least 30 days prior to the exam. The exam comprises one theoretical and one practical part, the detailed rules regarding the exam can be found in the examination regulation issued by the training institution and in the relevant legislation.
The time elapsed until the successful completion of the chosen condition does not count into the administrative deadline.

2 Those persons could also be deemed a national of a Member State, who are  citizens of one of the Member States of the  European Economic Area (hereinafter referred to as the ’EEA’) or those who have the same legal status as the citizens of a Member State (hereinafter referred to as the ’Member State’) of the European Economic Area, pursuant to international agreements concluded with either the European Community or with the European Economic Area and those who have the same legal status as the persons above granted by other provisions of the Community law.